4 Important Facts About Dental Fillings

Dental fillings provide people who have suffered tooth decay with an opportunity to restore the size, shape and oral health of the tooth. While most have heard of dental fillings and understand what they are, all too many do not understand just how beneficial they can be for treating tooth decay.

Things to know about dental fillings

It can be helpful to have a full understanding of the benefits of dental fillings and what they are exactly. The following are four important things to know about dental fillings and how they can help patients achieve a healthier, more beautiful set of teeth.

Dental fillings protect teeth after damage

Perhaps the most important role of dental fillings is to protect teeth after damage occurs. Teeth can become damaged for a number of different reasons, including poor oral hygiene. When teeth are not kept clean and free from harmful bacteria, the enamel can begin to erode and lead to cavities. Enamel does not grow back, so once it is gone, it is gone forever. Fortunately, however, dental fillings allow people with enamel erosion to restore the health of the tooth and avoid further complications as a result of the cavity.

The procedure itself is not painful

Many who have cavities elect not to receive dental fillings out of fear that the procedure is going to be painful. However, the affected area is completely numbed during the procedure and the patient is often sedated, which means they are likely not to feel any pain during the procedure. While there is likely to be some discomfort after the dental filling, most patients are able to make a full recovery within a few days, and they are then free to enjoy their beautiful and healthy smile.

There are different types of dental fillings

There is a wide range of options available to patients who are in need of a dental filling. Since each tooth endures a different level of pressure and serves a different role, how strong the filling needs to be may vary. While a composite or a ceramic dental filling may work best for more visible teeth located toward the front of the mouth, a patient may prefer an amalgam or gold filling for teeth located further back in the mouth, as they are used more for chewing and crushing food.

Dental fillings can be completed in a day

Dental fillings can be completed in a single dental visit, and the entire procedure can take less than a few hours. After both the dentist and the patient agree to the type of dental filling, they can then begin the process, which typically involves removing any and all decay, cleaning the tooth and filling it with the material. Dental fillings can last for years, if not decades, without needing to be repaired or replaced, and they protect the tooth from further damage or other oral health complications.

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