4 Tips for Caring For Your New Set of Dentures

When people have missing teeth, they are often curious about what types of restorative treatment methods exist for them. As dentistry has progressed significantly, dentures have grown in popularity as a method to replace and restore missing teeth.

Having dentures placed can be an involved process but the outcome is definitely worth it! Being aware of how to best care for fresh new dentures can be overwhelming because there’s a lot that goes into caring for them. However, there is hope! Once someone gets the proper care routine down, they will be on their way to enjoying and making great use of their dentures.

In this article, we will go over a few ways that a person can care for those brand new dentures. They’re delicate so it is important to handle them with care so that they last a lifetime! Read more below.

Caring for new dentures

Keep dentures wet

When a person is wearing their dentures, they are already moist because they are inside the mouth which is naturally salivated. However, when a person isn’t wearing their dentures, it is absolutely necessary that they place them in a wet environment in order to prevent drying. Dentures can be placed within a jar or cup that is filled with water or a cleansing solution, as these are both safe liquids for them. Keeping the dentures wet will ensure that they don’t dry out, which could cause problems later on down the line.

Rinsing after eating

Because dentures act as replacement teeth, they are used primarily to bite and chew foods. And, just like with normal teeth, dentures are also prone to having food get stuck or left behind which could cause damage to the dentures down the line. It’s best that a person rinses their entire mouth as well as the dentures separately in order to ensure that there isn’t anything left behind.

Use a soft-headed toothbrush

When a person first gets their dentures, they may be unsure of how to care for them best. But one important thing that doesn’t change is that each day, it is important that a person still brushes their dentures. This should only be done with a soft-headed toothbrush. Because dentures are so delicate, it is crucial that a toothbrush that is soft is used so that damage isn’t done.

Be gentle

Dentures are extremely delicate and they are said to be fragile. When one first receives their dentures, they may be excited and not realize how careful they need to be. In order to avoid damage or the need for a replacement, it’s best to handle dentures gently and carefully.

Dentures are great replacement teeth for anyone that is missing teeth due to an injury or even decay. People that have just recently gotten dentures need to be aware of how to best care for them so that they last awhile. Handling dentures carefully and ensuring that they remain clean will provide someone with the best results possible.

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