Are You A Candidate for Wearing Invisalign and Other Clear Aligner Systems?

Invisalign and Other Clear Aligner Systems

Dr. Buchler gets a lot of questions about clear aligner systems like Invisalign from patients who want to straighten their teeth but are not sure about the best option. With clear aligners, a lot of people are still adjusting to the idea of straightening teeth without the need for metal brackets. We have the ability to offer patients a variety of solutions, including clear aligner systems such as Invisalign.

Thinking About Invisalign or other clear aligner systems?

We encourage anyone who is considering clear aligners or Invisalign, to schedule an appointment for an examination and consultation with us. We will then determine which solution is right for the particular situation.

Quite a few benefits with clear aligners

People who typically benefit from wearing a clear aligners system such as Invisalign are those with malocclusion (crooked teeth). Clear aligners are also effective for people that have large gaps between teeth, teeth that are sideways and spacing issues. We can also correct some abnormalities with the bite using this procedure since it is often the teeth that move the bite be out of alignment.

If bite issues are due to the actual jaw bone, oral surgery may be necessary to complete the treatment. From an age perspective, clear aligners are not the best choice for children or patients in their early teens. Clear aligners are removable and require a specific level of responsibility.

Since they are removable, it is difficult for young patients to remember to put them back in the mouth. Without wearing the aligners for around 22 hours a day, the teeth will not move. Additionally, it is easy for younger patients to lose something so it is not wise to offer them this solution. Instead, the majority of patients who wear aligners are late teens to adults.

Who benefits the most from wearing clear aligners?

Here are a few of the types of patients who benefit from choosing a clear aligner system like Invisalign:

Busy professionals

Adults with a busy career often prefer aligners or braces for several reasons. First, they do not interfere with creating a professional appearance. Patients can remove aligners during presentations and meetings, if necessary. It is impossible for most clients to tell an individual is even wearing clear aligners in the first place.

Additionally, since the clear aligners are given to patients at the beginning of the treatment there are fewer trips to Byte Dentistry. For those with a busy schedule, aligners are a lucrative option.

Teens and College students

Invisalign for your teens may not be tour first choice for teens, but it is possible in many cases. Dr. Buchler can help you decide if it is right for your teen.

Leaving for college is exciting and a fresh start. Many college students want a beautiful smile to go with it and this is something that can easily be achieved using aligners. Clear aligner systems are virtually invisible so they improve the appearance without detracting from it.


When mom and dad want to straighten teeth, but do not want to look like a kid by wearing braces, this is the perfect way to go. No one can tell that the adult is straightening teeth using orthodontics and the result is amazing.


Virtually any adult looking to improve their smile can benefit from a clear aligners system such as Invisalign.

How can you really use this information?

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