Best Way to Remove Food from Teeth With Water

Removing food and particles from teeth is important to help avoid any plaque and cavities from forming. When leftover food and tiny bits of food (that may not be noticeable looking at your teeth in the mirror) are not removed, it can cause a breeding ground for the formation of plaque. After plaque begins forming this can be the beginning of tooth decay and cavities forming.

The best way to avoid this is for a person to brush their teeth twice a day and floss. Having a healthy dental hygiene routine is easy when followed, and can help a person avoid costs and procedures that are needed if these steps are skipped. There are also other helpful things to do to remove food from teeth, and we will cover those tips and tricks below!

Drinking water is healthy in many ways

Most people know that drinking water is healthy and beneficial for their overall health. However, water can be beneficial in different ways to people’s oral health. One way is that drinking water naturally cleans teeth and gums. After eating, drinking water can remove a majority of the leftover food and properties that could lead to bacteria, plaque, and decay forming. This helps someone avoid cavities forming, too!

Picking to drink a bottle of water during the day instead of soda or coffee is good for the overall health, but also in cleaning teeth!

Rinsing with salt water

Making a mixture of salt and water can be beneficial for cleaning the teeth. Although it would never replace measures like brushing the teeth and flossing, adding this in can help remove bacteria and avoid tooth decay. A simple glass of water to swish around and spit a few times is enough. Never drink the water because this can make a person sick and queasy!

Water flossers are useful

Water flossers are machines that someone will add water to. The motor pumps the water through a tiny hole that a person guides and use to ‘floss’ their teeth. They are great at removing food debris and getting hard to reach areas that are tough even with floss.

When picking the strength of the water it is important to not choose one that is too strong. Although it may feel fine, it can irritate gums and cause them to bleed. Again, moderation is important with this but when used properly these can greatly help someone’s oral health.

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There are many different tools, tips, and tricks that someone can use in order to clean food from their teeth. It is critical that this is done properly to ensure no plaque, tooth decay or cavities form. Having a good daily cleaning habit and being aware of dental issues is the key to succeeding. Contact our office today and our staff would be thrilled in helping to guide you to make the best decisions.

We are always here to help, and if you have more questions or concerns just let us know and we can help answer those questions or suggest other cleaning options.

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