Can Invisalign® Do More Than Just Straighten Teeth?

Wondering if Invisalign® braces are the right teeth straightening option for you? If you are someone who has less than straight teeth and is looking into your options for making your teeth straighter, know that Invisalign® braces are a popular choice among both younger and older adults. There are many benefits that come with choosing this particular teeth straightening option, with one of the most beneficial being that they are nearly invisible, making them hard to see when being worn. Another great benefit is that they can be taken out of your mouth when eating and drinking, making Invisalign braces a discreet, fast and convenient way for you to straighten your teeth.

How do Invisalign braces work?

The Invisalign® teeth straightening system works by using a certain number of clear aligners that a dental patient will need to wear over a certain amount of time. It will simply depend on how crooked someone’s teeth are when it comes to how many clear aligners as well as how long Invisalign® braces will take to work. Patient’s whose teeth are minimally crooked may only need to wear the clear aligners for six to nine months. Those whose teeth are very crooked will often need to wear the aligners for at least 12 months and possibly up to 18 months.

How Invisalign does more than just straighten teeth

There are more benefits that come with choosing Invisalign® braces besides having straight teeth. Ready to learn what they are?

#1 – You may lose weight

The fact that Invisalign® braces must be worn somewhere between 20 and 22 hours a day means that they must remain in one’s mouth for the high majority of the day. This makes it necessary for wearers to carefully plan out their day to ensure that they are wearing their clear aligners for the recommended amount of time. After consuming foods and drinks, it essential for Invisalign wearers to thoroughly clean their mouth before placing the clear aligners back into their mouth.

#2 – Breaking unhealthy habits

Because Invisalign® braces are worn for the majority of the day, it will be much harder for those who currently participate in unhealthy oral habits to continue to do things like chewing on pencils, chewing on ice or using the teeth to open things.

#3 – Supporting good self-esteem

When someone chooses Invisalign® braces so they can have straighter teeth, they are doing what is necessary to improve their overall oral health. They are also going to get the benefit of having a smile they are not afraid to show off!

Are Invisalign® braces the right choice for you?

Now that you have read the above information regarding Invisalign® braces, have you decided that this teeth straightening option is the right choice for you? It really is essential for you to make a choice, and the sooner the better. When you have teeth that are not so straight, your oral health is at risk. When your teeth are not as straight as you would like them to be, then it is also likely that you do not show them when you smile, and that is something that can be easily fixed by wearing Invisalign® braces.

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