CEREC and Other Digital Dentistry from Your Windham Dental Office

CEREC technology and 3D imaging make it possible to place dental prosthetics like crowns and veneers during a single visit. Digital dentistry uses state of the art hardware to create 3D impressions of the patient’s mouth. This information can be used to make a variety of dental restorations right in the dentist’s clinic.

Issues that can be addressed with CEREC technology

Digital dentistry and CEREC is used to deal with a wide variety of issues. CEREC is typically used in combination with digital dentistry, while the latter can be used on its own for diagnosis and treatment of issues like tooth decay and temporomandibular joint issue.

Here are some of the prosthetics CEREC can be used to make:

1. Crowns

If dental prosthetics were a sports team, crowns would be the most valuable player. These devices can be used to fix a wide range of oral problems and they can be made in as little as 20 minutes at the dentist’s clinic thanks to CEREC.

Also called caps, crowns can be used to fix oral problems like:

  • Severe stains that have not been responsive to whitening treatments
  • Protecting a tooth after a root canal has been performed
  • Saving a tooth that has been severely damaged by trauma
  • Anchoring dental bridges
  • Keeping the pieces of a cracked tooth together

When a person is dealing with any of these issues, the last thing they want is to wait two weeks before the issue is resolved.

2. Veneers

CEREC can also be used to make veneers. These are cosmetic prosthetics that cover the front of an affected tooth. They hide all the cosmetic flaws on the tooth that they cover. Veneers are often used to deal with:

  • Stains and discoloration
  • Poorly shaped teeth
  • Minor alignment issues
  • Short teeth
  • Small caps between teeth

3. Onlay and inlays

These are a type of filling that provides additional support for a tooth that has been damaged by decay. They can also be made in little time using CEREC.

Digital dentistry

Our Windham office is equipped with the latest in digital dentistry technology. These devices are used to make dental procedures that were once performed with electrical or mechanical tools more efficient. Digital dentistry is used to diagnose dental conditions as well as to create the restorations that address them. It consists of using tools like CAD/CAM and it provides a significantly higher level of precision. Patients often get better results when their restorations are made with CAD technology.

CEREC is the future

It is only a matter of time before the traditional way of making dental prosthetics becomes a thing of the past. With benefits like getting treatments during a single visit, more natural looking and more durable prosthetics, a growing number of people are demanding CEREC technology.

If you are dealing with any dental issues that can be addressed with CEREC, stop by our Windham office for a consultation today.

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