Dental Care Advice: Pregnancy and Dental Work

Wondering if pregnancy and dental work go together? If you are pregnant and need one or more dental services so you can improve your overall oral health, it may be necessary for you to wait until after you have given birth to get your dental work done. It will simply depend on the type of dental work you need when it comes to when you should have any necessary dental services performed. Since everyone is different, it is recommended that you check with an experienced dentist in order for you to get the professional advice you need when pregnant and in need of dental work.

Dental check-ups when pregnant

The American Dental Association, the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists and the American Academy of Pediatrics all agree that women who are pregnant should get a dental check-up when they are pregnant. A dental check-up allows a dentist to make sure that the overall health of a pregnant woman’s mouth is indeed in good shape, as having a healthy mouth tends to equate with having a healthy body. If a dental issue happens to be found during the check-up, a dental professional will discuss the options available with the patient so that a treatment plan can be made.

How pregnancy can affect dental health

Dental care is especially important when someone is pregnant because pregnancy can make current oral conditions worse or even create new oral problems for the soon-to-be mom. A few of the more common oral problems that those who are pregnant can experience include being more prone to tooth decay, pregnancy gingivitis and pregnancy tumors. Tooth decay can happen due to a change in the diet as well as due to an increase in acids from morning sickness. Pregnancy gingivitis is caused by changes in hormones and causes gum swelling. Pregnancy tumors refer to an overgrowth of gum tissue and tend to disappear after birth.

Dental work recommendations when pregnant

Recommendations for getting dental work done when pregnant include getting any necessary dental work performed during the second trimester, e.g., tooth fillings, teeth cleanings, dental crowns, root canals. If X-rays are necessary, the American Dental Association states that having dental X-rays during pregnancy is considered safe with appropriate shielding. Any unnecessary dental work should be put off until after the baby is born. When it comes to any necessary dental medications like antibiotics or anesthesia, it is necessary for each individual to discuss their safe medication options with an experienced dentist.

Are you pregnant and currently in need of dental work?

Learning more about pregnancy and dental work is a great idea if you are currently pregnant. As you now know from reading the above information, you are able to have necessary dental work performed when you are pregnant without having to worry about how it will affect your unborn child. Because you should be comfortable when undergoing necessary dental work when pregnant, here is a tip for you: bring a pillow and some headphones with your favorite music.

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