Dental Cleaning FAQ’s

So, you are thinking about getting a dental cleaning but you are not quite sure what to expect? Look no further, Byte Dentistry has you covered. This article will review the frequently asked questions about getting a teeth cleaning by your dentist and what the benefits are.

Let’s jump right into the frequently asked dental cleaning questions:

Q: What is a dental cleaning?

A: A dental cleaning is a professional cleaning of your teeth that is done by your dentist or hygienist. Unlike brushing and flossing, these in-office cleanings removes hard tartar from your teeth as well as stains and discoloration that cannot be removed by simple brushing.

Q: Why should I get my teeth cleaned by a dentist?

A: Getting regular dental cleanings is essential if you are serious about your oral health. It gives your teeth a deep clean while removing harmful tartar that damages your teeth and leads to mouth issues like gum disease. It is not something you can do by yourself at home, you need a trained professional to perform the procedure.

Q: How often should I get a dental cleaning?

A: Even patients with excellent hygiene need their teeth cleaned on a regular basis. For many patients, twice a year is adequate, but if you are dealing with oral health issues like gum disease, then you need regular teeth cleanings about once every three months. In fact, according to the CDC, nearly half of all adults in the U.S. have gum disease.

The best way to figure out what number works best for you is to discuss it with Dr. Lankford during a consultation.

Q: Are dental cleanings uncomfortable?

A: If the thought of getting a dental cleaning sends shivers down your spine, there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of. The procedure is not painful in any way. The only things you will feel is some pressure and vibrations as your dentist glides the cleaning tool against your teeth.

If the pressure or vibration make you uncomfortable, inform Dr. Lankford and he will do whatever it takes to make you more at ease.

Q: What does the process entail?

A: It is a very straightforward process. Dr. Lankford will start off by collecting some basic information and assessing your overall oral health. We will then remove tartar from your teeth using a small instrument or an ultrasonic vibration device.

After removing all tartar and tooth stains, we will apply a fine polishing paste to your teeth and after a thorough rinse, your teeth will feel glassy smooth. Finally, he will apply a fluoride treatment to strengthen your teeth.

You might be wondering:

Neglecting your oral health will eventually lead to complex issues. There is no need to settle for a smile you are not comfortable with.  If you are ready for a professional cleaning that will refresh your smile, contact us and book your appointment.

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