How to Use Teeth Whitening Trays at Home

Using teeth whitening trays at home can supplement your professional whitening. All teeth whitening trays are similar but with small variations. Follow the package’s instructions to get the desired results. You should also keep the following advice in mind. It applies to all teeth whitening trays for home use.

The steps

Before using the teeth whitening tray, read the accompanying instructions. People should prepare the trays with a small drop of the appropriate gel in the tray. Place this halfway along the inner front portion of the tray. Avoid spreading the bleach.

Once prepped, patients should place the trays inside the mouth. The trays should carefully but firmly cover the teeth. Some gel may seep over the edge of the tray. Patients should wipe this off their gums. Repeat the process for the other tray.

Leave the tray in place based on the specific package instructions. Two hours is the average time for teeth whitening trays. Patients should look out for tooth or gum sensitivity. Those with sensitivity should reduce the wear time to just an hour. Alternatively, patients with sensitive teeth can whiten every other day.

Only wear the tray for a half hour or hour the first time. The shorter time frame lets patients check for sensitivity. Increase the time in the next session if there was no sensitivity.

Patients should rinse their teeth after removing the tray. Follow it up by brushing any extra gel off. Sometimes, white splotches appear temporarily. These splotches should disappear within an hour.

Afterwards, clean the teeth whitening trays using cold water. Scrub them gently with a Q-tip or toothbrush. Store them in a dry, cool place.

Additional tips

Teeth whitening trays are more effective with clean teeth. As such, patients should brush and floss before use. Dentists also suggest checking the fit of the trays before adding gel. Patients can save money and discomfort by whitening just the front teeth. No one will see the back teeth. As such, teeth whitening in the back is less important.

Do not drink before applying the teeth whitening treatment. Moisture reduces its effectiveness. After the treatment, do not drink or eat anything that can stain teeth. As such, avoid berries, coffee, tea, mustard, and similar items.

Patients should remember that teeth whitening trays only work on natural teeth. The process will not whiten fillings, caps, bridges or similar dental treatments. Users should also show patience. It may take 20 to 30 sessions for optimal results. Professional in-office teeth whitening delivers quicker results.

Most whitening gels can be stored in the fridge. This will extend the shelf life of the gel. Always confirm it can be refrigerated before doing so. Check the package for this information. Never freeze the gel.

Have a bright smile with a teeth whitening tray

You can brighten your smile with at-home teeth whitening trays. The trays are simple to use. Just brush your teeth, place them in your mouth, remove them and rinse. Have patience, as it may take well over a dozen sessions to get the results you want. For quicker results, supplement the whitening trays with professional treatments in the dentist office.

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