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0on Facebook,May 29, 2019


Dr. Langford has made me so comfortable throughout the whole process. They all made me feel like I was sitting in my living room not in a dental chair. I recommend Byte Dentistry very highly.

0on Facebook,May 25, 2019


I highly recommend Byte Dentistry espically if you need dental work done like I'm getting. Dr. Lankford and everyone of the staff i have came across is just awesome. They do not judge and they make sure you are comfortable. Byte Dentistry is effective, and most of all very respectful to their patients. Thankyou Byte Dentistry for all that you doing and for saving my teeth.

5on Google,May 22, 2019


Dr lankford and his staff are awesomeI am not a fan of the dentist 😒 I'd rather have my fingernai pulled out.Staff Is very nice Made me comfortable Very patient and very kind to me I have high anxiety though the process Dr was very nice kept asking me if I was ok feeling pain etc.I had a stress squeeze ball I was using to help me calm down. He even stopped and tilted chair to easy my anxiety . Staff is great Dr is great Place is clean All new equipment in house Highly recommend going to him

5on BirdEye,May 22, 2019


I am so not a fan of dentists i would rather have my finger nails pulled off ! i had an issue with a broken tooth . got an apt within a week , staff is very kind and helpful i had all paperwork done online before apt . didn't wait long to be seen , my anxiety was through the roof the dr Lankford and his staff were great while dealing with me and my anxiety my kind very patient which i greatly appreciated . i will be going back to him in the future from dr Lankford to his ast sami and the whole staff is very very nice . even if your not a fan of the chair and need to bring your own squeezy ball like me . go see this guy he honest , upfront , and very very nice

5on Google,May 14, 2019


Best experience by a dentist office. The whole staff is amazing.

5on Google,May 11, 2019


Most high tech dental office I've ever seen!! Adam is an awesome dentist and his entire staff is friendly and very competent. Adam is patient in explaining things during the initial comprehensive exam and he is incredibly gifted as a dentist. I had some major work done and the only pain I felt was the sound of the drill. They can design and make crowns right in the office during the visit. They use high tech xrays and 3D imaging to help in the evaluation (you can see the decay/fractures in living color) and during the procedure. The patient can easily see what needs to be done and how it's being done. I almost took off a star because I think the pricing is high but i guess like anything else, if you want the best ya gotta pay for it!!!

5on Google,May 11, 2019


I had a friendly and professional experience with the staff. I recommend this office for your dental care.

5on Google,May 04, 2019


Just had a crown done and Dr and staff are great! Procedure was easier than I expected it to be.

5on Google,May 02, 2019


Byte Dentistry is a modern, advanced technology office. The staff are friendly and caring. Dr. Lankford is thorough, knowledgeable and kind. He listened to my concerns and took the time to explain all details and answer all questions.

0on Facebook,May 02, 2019


My first visit and consultation at Byte Dentistry was very thorough and informative. Dr. Lankford listened to my concerns and explained options. State of the art Xrays give the most detail and he addresses all the areas of Form, Function and Aesthetics. I was pleased with the care and attention I received from the staff and Dr. Lankford.

5on Healthgrades,May 02, 2019


I had my first visit at Byte Dentistry with Adam Lankford. He made me feel comfortable with having a crown done. He is a skilled and compassionate dentist! I even read his palm. He cares for his patients and he also had a big mount of Venus!! That represents strong passion. He must put smiles on his wife’s face!??

5on Healthgrades,Apr 26, 2019


Dr. Lankford was very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. He listened to my concerns and took the time to answer all of my questions. His office is well equipped with modern technology and caring staff.

5on Google,Apr 19, 2019


Great experience. The most thorough dental exam I have ever received. Very informative. Excellent attention to detail. Will recommend to anyone in the area without hesitation .

5on Google,Apr 13, 2019


First time patient at Byte Dentisty, I was so impressed by Dr. Lankford and his whole team. I was so happy with my cleaning and my appointment with Dr. Lankford, very professional and gentle! Loved the TV on the ceiling , my choice of anything I wanted to watch.. highly recommend this office!!!

5on Google,Mar 23, 2019


I broke my #5 upper premolar and had to have an extraction- along with a reconstruction to my adjacent tooth. The staff was super friendly and very knowledgeable. They make you feel like a family friend who hasn’t been around in a while. Dr. Lankford is a Rockstar- he has complete command of the room. Along with the staff, he flawlessly works to complete the task- while frequently asking about your well being. I highly recommend Byte Dentistry to anyone looking for new dentist or someone like me- who hadn’t been to see a dentist in 20 years. The marriage of computer audio/visual technology and family dentistry is a marvel and a must see! Thank you for such a great experience.

5on Google,Feb 25, 2019


I recently went to Byte Dentistry and could not have been happier with my results! The customer service and time taken to address my concerns was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced at a dental office. I feel so much more confident about my smile and will certainly be back!

5on Google,Feb 20, 2019


Beautiful and clean office! Dr. Lankford was excellent. He took his time with the procedure. I went in for a crown and was very nervous. It was pain free and done all in one appointment.

5on Healthgrades,Feb 20, 2019


Recently had a crown done by Dr Lankford. As usual, a great experience. Dr Lankford is always concerned with patient comfort and goes out of his way to make sure you feel no pain or discomfort. He’s meticulous in what he does. Crown fits perfectly. Zero pain. There’s a reason why I followed him when he opened his own practice 30 miles from where I live- he’s the best dentist I’ve ever been to.

5on Google,Feb 10, 2019


All of the staff members are very caring. The office is extremely clean and professional.

0on Facebook,Feb 08, 2019


The best of the best!!!! So nice friendly and my teeth feel amazing!! Go see them