When Getting Dental Implants is a Wise Idea

Dental implants are one way to help resolve the dental issues that adults may struggle with. In fact, it is normal to suffer cavities and an occasional infection throughout your lifetime. However, some adults are more prone to damage, infections, and even tooth loss, than others. Very often, the root cause is genetics. Essentially, people are either born with good teeth or are not. In other cases, things like using an inhaler for asthma can actually cause oral health problems. The same is true for diabetes and taking certain medications.  If you fall in this category, there is a good chance that you are going to be struggling with oral health problems on a regular basis. Eventually, it becomes time to consider whether or not you should continue as is or take more permanent action to resolve the oral health issues.

How You Feel Matters

We like to tell patients that how he or she feels on a daily basis matters a great deal. If you find that your teeth are causing you an incredible amount of pain or discomfort, then it is often wise to consider replacing them. Discomfort to this degree can make it difficult for you to eat what you need to or to speak clearly. It can also have a negative impact on your performance at work or how you behave in social settings. This is understandable when you consider how difficult it can be to do anything when you are in pain.

For this reason, we encourage you to call us at (603) 952-2252 and schedule a dental implant consultation when you are experiencing a significant degree of discomfort. This will allow us to examine you and then to determine whether or not replacing some of the teeth with dental implants is the best course of action.

Reasons to Replace Teeth with Dental Implants

  • The teeth  are damaged. Dental damage can often be restored using solutions like dental veneers, dental crowns, and even fillings. In most cases, restorative solutions work excellently for solving the problem and eliminating the discomfort. However, when the damage is severe, this may not be enough. At this point, you will need to look for a better solution. Removing the damaged tooth or teeth and replacing them with dental implants may be it. Once a tooth is damaged beyond repair, regular cleaning methods will not be enough.
  • The teeth may fall out.  If there is a chance that your teeth are going to fall out because they are already loose or you have severe gum disease, it may be wise for you to schedule an appointment to have them extracted. Instead of waiting for the embarrassing moment when your teeth fall out, you can have them removed in a sterile environment. During this process, we can provide patients with the benefit of anesthesia and schedule the procedure at a time frame that you control.
  • Your teeth continue to get infected.  If you are constantly struggling with infection and need root canals on a regular basis, it may be better for you to replace them. We will let you know the best course of action during an examination.

Schedule a Consultation with Byte Dentistry

Remember that you do not have to live with a missing tooth or teeth that are constantly becoming infected. There are options that extend far beyond a dental crown or dentures. You can choose dental implants to give you a new smile that is durable, beautiful, and healthy. To learn more about this solution and to determine if you are a good candidate for dental implants, call Byte Dentistry today at (603) 952-2252 and schedule a dental implant consultation.

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